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A sample of some of the areas I photograph.

Land, Sea & some City

Night & Long Exposure

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Does anyone ever read Abouts?

  • The start

    I started out with an Agfamatic 55c in the 80s, then moved through film SLRS, Canon, Pentax, Nikon. In the early 90s I posted my films off to Belfast and for £3.49 you'd get a set of prints and roll of film a week later. I don't nearly shoot film enough, I miss that envelope with a bundle of prints. I moved on to Nikon digital SLRS, currently on the D700.

  • Now

    I never really go out with a photograph in mind tht I want to take, I just always have the camera with me and take what I like. Usually they get deleted, sometimes they get uploaded! And of course its always nice to have a stock or news agency pick up an image, or to know some stranger has your photograph hanging in their house.

  • NEXT

    As usual no concrete plans, but to keep shooting. I do have a collaboration with a Dublin artist happeining, but the bad weather these past few months has delayed my planned shots. Tentative release for our project is forever changing!


Customers include Getty Images, Demotix, Microsoft, History Channel, ABC Studios, Irish Independent, Irish Mirror, GAA, and various bands, record labels and advertising agencies. And of course the walls of many homes.

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