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A sample of some of the areas I photograph.

Land, Sea & some City

Night & Long Exposure

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  • The start

    I started out with Agfamatic 55c in the 80s, then moved through film SLRS, Canon, Pentax, Nikon. In the early 90s I posted my films off to Belfast and for £3.49 you'd get a set of prints and roll of film a week later. I don't nearly shoot film enough, I miss that envelope with a bundle of prints. I moved on to Nikon digital SLRS, currently on the D700.

  • Now

    I never really go out with a photograph in mind tht I want to take, I just always have the camera with me and take what I like. Usually they get deleted, sometimes they get uploaded! And of course its always nice to have a stock or news agency pick up an image, or to know some stranger has your photograph hanging in their house.

  • NEXT

    As usual no concrete plans, but to keep shooting. I do have a collaboration with a Dublin artist happeining, but the bad weather these past few months has delayed my planned shots. Tentative release for our project is Halloween 2015.


Prior customer types are stock & news agencies, bands, record labels, publishers (books, newspapers, & magazines), company reception & board rooms.

Customers include Getty Images, Demotix, Microsoft, History Channel, ABC Studios, Irish Independent, Irish Mirror, Thorp Records, GAA.

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